Northern California emergency weather, flood and mudslides hazard

In the north of the U.S. state of California, an active low-pressure area with heavy showers and strong gusts of wind has come ashore, potentially bringing a record amount of rain. Authorities warn of floods and mudslides, especially in areas where wildfires have been recently.

From the Pacific Ocean, a long plume of humid air comes ashore, which is expected to bring a lot of rain in the coming days. Just north of San Francisco fell more than 15 centimeters in 12 hours.

About 250 kilometres north of the city, a highway is closed due to mudslides. A large wildfire was raged in that area this year, which means that there is no more vegetation that can hold the water.

โ€œThere have been multiple collisions because cars slip and trees fell over and flooded,โ€ the Oroville Police Department tweets. โ€œIf you can stay home today, do it. If youre on the road, be extremely careful.โ€

South of San Francisco, people are also advised to leave if authorities recommend it.

Residents of the San Francisco Bay area were already getting sandbags at home this weekend. Some emphasize that after a long period of drought, rain is also welcome: