Northern Irish government meets after riots, British minister calls for calm

British Northern Ireland Minister Brandon Lewis called for calm after riots broke out for the sixth time last night in capital Belfast. It urges the Northern Irish groups to resolve tensions jointly. He says he talks with Northern Ireland leaders about the recently flared violence.

โ€œ All communities must work together to resolve current tensions,โ€ he states in a statement. โ€œThe people of Northern Ireland deserve better than the violence and disorder we have seen over the last few days.โ€

Tensions by Brexit

The Northern Ireland Government has called in an emergency deliberation. Since last week it has been restless in and around the capital. The riots yesterday were the worst in years, says police to the BBC. The demonstrators are mainly Protestant Northern Ireland, who fear that Brexit agreements weaken the link between Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Rioters hijacked a bus yesterday and set it on fire. The police were also slammed with stones. Previously, cars were set on fire, dozens of cops were injured.

Yesterday a bus burned out completely:


are several causes behind the anger of the protesters. For some time now, the situation around Brexit has been smoldering in northern Ireland. The Protestant Unionists want nothing more than to stay with the United Kingdom. They are angry at the customs border created after Brexit between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom.

The conflict between Ireland and Northern Ireland has a long history:

The fire was rekindled last week. Police then announced not to prosecute prominent leaders of the Catholic pro-Irish Sinn Fรฉin Party for violating the corona measures at the funeral of IRA headpiece Bobby Storey last year. The IRA is a former Irish paramilitary terror movement.

โ€œ 2000 people came to the funeral, including prominent leaders,โ€ says correspondent Tim de Wit. โ€œNobody wore mouthcaps, everything went against the covid rules. That these people are not being prosecuted was wrong. The protesters, mostly young people, believe that double standards are measured.โ€

Meanwhile, the Protestants of the DUP Party and the Catholics of Sinn Fรฉin are stepping over the question of guilt. Sinn Fรฉin says that the young people have been stirred up by statements of the DUP. The DUP condemns the violence, but says they understand the frustrations among the young.


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeted last night that he was โ€œseriously concernedโ€ about the violence. Hes been moaned to calm down. โ€œThe way to resolve disputes is through dialogue, not violence or crime,โ€ he writes.

Irish Prime Minister Micheรกl Martin has also made a statement on Twitter. โ€œThis is the time for the two governments and leaders from all sides to work together to remove tensions and restore peace.โ€