Northgards Scandinavian strategy gets major update by Kröwns & Daggers

Northgards Norse mythology-inspired strategy received its sixth major update called Kröwns & Daggers. It adds a lot of fresh features and another neutral faction, and improves the game in general. Developers have redesigned the system of diplomacy: it deals with relations like adversaries ( declare someone to be rivals and receive one of the four bonuses) and with neutral factions: in the case of the latter, you can now choose one of four options to deal with your bonuses and Risks.

In addition, the game features a couple of new buildings (more specifically, an embassy and a well), a unit, and another neutral faction — dwarves (or dwarves). They are known for their ability to extract valuable resources and treasures, but players who have come to their good will face serious rebuff.

On the other hand, if you gain their trust, they can be valuable allies. In addition, the developers added additional achievements and events, changed some elements, and got rid of many bugs.

See the link for more information on all of this. Recall that the game is available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch.

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