Norwegian justice: suspected terrorist motive in bow and arrow attack

The security forces in Norway assume that the 37-year-old man who killed five people with bow and arrow last night in Kongsberg had a terrorist motive. At a press conference, the Norwegian Police Security Service said that the attack is seen as such, but there is nothing to say with certainty about the Danish defendant‘s reasons yet.

According to the authorities, Espen Andersen Brรฅthen has made a comprehensive statement to the police about how he committed his act. He is even less clear about his motives for the time being. โ€œWe only have a basis for murder at the moment,โ€ says the police investigative leader against the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten.

Converted to Islam

In 2017, Brรฅthen, who converted to Islam a number of years ago, posted a now-deleted video on the internet saying he is โ€œa messengerโ€. Among other things, he declares that he is Muslim and wants to give a warning. What that warning is not clear.

To Norwegian television channel TV 2, the chairman of the only mosque in Kongsberg says they received a visit from Brรฅthen a few years ago. โ€œHis story was rather incoherent. He said he was instructed from above to deliver a message to the whole world. I told him that Kongsberg isn’t the place for that.โ€

The Norwegian authorities confirm that Brรฅthen was in the picture before. โ€œThere were concerns that he would have radicalized,โ€ Police Chief Ole B. Saeverud said at the press conference. The authorities do not want to say what action that care has led to at the time. Brรฅthen will be presented tomorrow morning.