Norwegian police knew about potential threat attack bomber as early as 2015

The Norwegian police knew that the man who killed five people on Wednesday in Kongsberg radicalized with an arrow and would potentially use force. In an interview with the Verdens Gang newspaper, the head of the counter-terrorism department Arne Christian Haugstøyl says that the police were first tipped about the man in 2015.

According to Haugstøyl, nothing pointed to the fact that the 37-year-old man who had converted to Islam was a terrorist threat. He seemed to be mentally ill. Because there were fears that he would radicalize, he was watched in the following years. As a result of a video he published on YouTube in 2017, he was also questioned. Because his behavior seemed to be related to mental problems, the police notified health services in 2018.

Based on his mental health, we saw a low threshold to commit violence and that there was a possibility that he could commit a small-scale attack in Norway by simple means, said Haugstøyl. Then he disappeared from the radar in front of the police. According to Haugstøyl, there is an investigation into the course of events.