Norwegian press grieves after ‘national trauma’: ‘The story repeats again’

The Norwegians experienced a football trauma on Saturday night and that is also due to the reactions in the national press. They are no longer confident that the team of national coach Stale Solbakken (pictured) will be able to make it to the World Cup.
Norway only had to win from Latvia at home to enforce an all-deciding match against Orange for a direct World Cup ticket. However, despite a rush and the necessary opportunities, it remained at 0-0 in Oslo and so qualifying for the final tournament in Qatar is a thread. The Norwegians are now even third on goal balance and threaten to grab everywhere.
The leading VG sprinkled salt in the Norwegian wound. โ€œA full Ullevaal was ready to celebrate, but the story of the last 21 years has repeated itself,โ€ the newspaper points out several times that Norway failed to qualify for a final tournament. โ€œIt was the battle we should have won, but it became a no-chance night with a lot of bad luck.โ€
Erling Haaland was missing from the Norwegians and VG states that may have been the breaking point. โ€œThere was something missing, a certain deciding factor you need in matches. Maybe weve been able to see how important Haaland is in matches like this. We should have had that little bit extra.โ€
Aftenposten was also shocked after the crucial point loss in Oslo. โ€œThe nightmare is back. Just as confidence in the new Norwegian team grew, the relapse came back into play. Norway
s players could hardly believe it was really true and this was a blow they didnt see coming.
There is still a small chance for the Norwegians and that would mean a Dutch disaster scenario. If Orange doesnt win in Montenegro and loses Norway on Tuesday, it can grab anywhere next to it. Then Turkey and Norway fight on target balance who gets the direct World Cup ticket and who enters the playoffs.