NOS: Ajax reports attempted assault after incident with Tadic at bus

Ajax will report the aftermath of the top against PSV, reports DeccEit. The hot-tempered match ended in a 1-1 draw and captain Dusan Tadic was attacked afterwards when he was on his way to the player bus.

On footage you can see how a number of PSV fans gathered in front of the Philips Stadium: Tadic and his commanders were caged and scolded. According to DecceIT, Ajax is going to file a report for attempted assault.
Tadic had fired the fire in the final phase of the Eredivisie squatter, after having fixed the 1-1 final score from a penalty. Prior to that penalty, some PSVs, including fellow captain Denzel Dumfries, tried to get him out of balance. Tadic scored, however, and then took his gram.
Both captains spoke to ESPN afterwards. I don‘t want to point the finger right now, but you shouldn’t talk about my mother. I don‘t appreciate that and you shouldn’t, said Dumfries about Tadic. I get a penalty, grab the ball and three players make a hole in the field and tell me I‘m a pussy, that I’m not a leader and that I‘m going to miss, was just the comment of the Serbian Ajax captain. If you score, I’m not the one who says thank you for calling me a pussy.

Ended! Due to the late penalty of Tadic, this exciting duel ends in 1-1! #psvaja #SuperZondag
— ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) February 28, 2021