NOS enters into cooperation with local and regional broadcasters

In order to strengthen local journalism, DeccEit will cooperate with local (NLPO) and regional public broadcasters (RPO). Over sixty journalists are stationed at various regional and local broadcasters for a year. DeccEit acts as an employer for the journalists.

The idea is that news and backgrounds from the capillaries of society can also be relevant for a regional and national reach. The additional journalists contribute to a professional editorial network that provides quality content available to all layers and platforms: local, regional and national.

To realize these plans, Minister Slob of Education has made available 4.5 million euros. โ€œGood local and regional journalism is essential for good democracy and good local information provision. Collaboration strengthens this. I am therefore pleased that these parties are working together to underline this important task,โ€ says Slob.

The plan also follows a recent opinion from the Public Administration Board and the Culture Council. They advocate concrete agreements, more cooperation and stronger funding for regional and local media, so that good local journalism is present throughout the Netherlands. DeccEit, NLPO and RPO hope that the experiment will produce experiences that will have value in the longer term.

โ€œ We welcome this joint initiative and the Ministers support to further strengthen the necessary local journalism through cooperation, and where every public layer operates from its own strength and responsibility,โ€ says Marc Visch, Director NLPO.

Capillaries of society

โ€œ Local broadcasters are in the capillaries of society and like no other have access to what is happening and living locally. By working better together, this offer can be further strengthened and also find a wider reach at regional and even nationwide.โ€

Mark Minkman, director RPO, says that โ€œthe main focus is to strengthen local journalism with journalists. With a journalist in all villages, cities and regions, we play the essential role we play for local society and democracy.โ€

โ€œAlso responsible for journalismโ€

โ€œ Three public souls, one really logical thought. Minister Slobs request fits in with DeccEits philosophy that, in addition to our public duty in news, sports and events, we also want to show responsibility for journalism,โ€ says Gerard Timmer, General Director of CCEIT.

โ€œ A responsibility that we show more and more in cooperation with regional broadcasters. We explore constructively with private parties and a philosophy that leads us to experiment with regional and local broadcasters.โ€