Not 60 Dutch people on board evacuation flight, but above all Afghan evacuees

In the group that has been evacuated by plane from Afghanistan in recent days, there are fewer Dutch people than previously thought. There were also non-Dutch people who have a connection with our country. Yesterday came out via news agencies that France and Qatar brought 300 people to Qatar with a chartered aircraft by the French, including 60 Dutch people. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague confirmed that.

The Ministry is now nuanced that message: on board were 56 people who have a ‘direct link’ with the Netherlands. Among them were 4 Dutch people with their nuclear families and the rest consisted of people with an Afghan passport. The latter group includes interpreters who worked for Dutch missions and people who have assisted the Dutch government in a different way. They have been in extra danger since the Taliban took over power.

This week, Human Rights Watch came out with a report, stating that employees of the former Afghan regime have disappeared or executed by law.

There was another second flight on Thursday. It was organized by Qatar. A military plane went to Afghanistan with relief supplies and on the way back to Qatar also took eleven Afghans who have a direct connection with the Netherlands.

It is intended that both the 56 and 11 group will soon be brought to the Netherlands.

The flight route: