Not being racist is not enough at Oxford

Young students from the University of Oxford will receive teaching materials explaining that it is simply not good enough if you are not a racist. They are taught to actively engage.

It was taught at St Hughs College, part of the university where Theresa May, Amal Clooney and the imprisoned Myanmar Nobel Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi were taught.

The lesson was not mandatory but highly recommended. According to the Daily Mail, the revelations come at a time when anti-racism training is under fierce criticism.


One of the presentations says, โ€œAre you a racist? No is simply not a good enough answer.โ€

Next, it says that we should โ€œstop thinking that inequality in this world is not our faultโ€, including misspelling (stop thinking injustice is not to an extent are fault).

โ€œ Dont be a non-racist anymore. Become an anti-racistโ€, it sounds, whereby students have to give a promise to action. โ€œWhat is your individual contribution/commitment to tackling inequality and racism?โ€


Last year, research has shown that such lessons can be counterproductive. Many British public institutions would have banned that kind of racism training. At Oxford University, they are still given in several places. โ€œThe emphasis on how racist this institution is is the worst,โ€ fulminates a British media student. โ€œA colossal waste of time and money. I havent seen anything of racism yet.โ€ A spokesman says that the trainings are being evaluated.