Not hot and quiet: Xbox Series X temperature comparison with PS4 Pro, Xbox One X and RTX 3080

Today, the final embargo on Xbox Series X previews ended, thanks to which journalists were able to share all their impressions of the console. In general, they did not report anything new in the background of previous material, but there are still interesting points โ€” comparing the heating of a new console with PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One X and GeForce RTX 3080 in paired with AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT processor. Against the background of both previous generation Xbox Series X consoles, VentureBeat showed the best results in the test.

The study was conducted at Mumbai level in HITMAN 2 (that is, on Series X the game was run in backward compatibility mode). The room temperature was 23.

6 ยฐC. The maximum temperature of Xbox Series X is 50.

4 ยฐC Xbox One X โ€” 54. 5 ยฐC PS4 Pro โ€” 65 ยฐC RTX 3080 (PC) — 44.

1 ยฐC. Average Xbox Series X temperature โ€” 47.

7 ยฐC Xbox One X โ€” 52. 1 ยฐC PS4 Pro โ€” 62.

5 ยฐC RTX 3080 (PC) โ€” 35. 5 ยฐC.

Minimum temperature Xbox Series X โ€” 38. 9 ยฐC Xbox One X โ€” 50 ยฐC PS4 Pro โ€” 60.

1 ยฐC RTX 3080 (PC) โ€” 32. 1 ยฐC.

Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X are released on November 10 for 26,990 and 45,590 rubles respectively. More on CCeit Microsoft introduced the starting line of Xbox Series โ€” 31 games on the console release! Destiny 2 for PS5 and Xbox Series will be released on December 8 โ€” the details of Sonys non-xtgen version finally revealed the PlayStation 5 interface โ€” the main thing.