Not yet a base place for Van de Beek: ‘Even Zlatan and Pogba were shocked. ‘

In the Netherlands they scream murder and fire because of the reserve role of Donny van de Beek near Manchester United, but Wim Kieft doesn‘t worry. He preaches peace and thinks that Van de Beek needs adaptation time and needs to get used to his new club.

Van de Beek was one of the most important players at Ajax, but in England he is on the bench. That’s not crazy, let Kieft know in his weekly column for De Cceit. ‘From the Netherlands we quickly think that such players in the toughest competition in the world just get a base place. But that trainer (Solskjaer, red.) is not crazy and he sees at the training and during ramps that Van de Beek has to get used to the tempo and physical resistance in the Premier League. ‘
Van de Beek will not be the only one who has trouble with the English pace, thinks Kieft. “Even Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Pogba were shocked into an accident when they entered the English competition. Then it is not surprising for a young player like Van de Beek, familiar with the Dutch Eredivisie and trained with the safe way of playing at Ajax, that he is brought slowly and needs an adaptation period.
Kieft brings up Davy Klaassen. “You can just get burned down if they force you. The examples are for the picking up. See what happened to Davy Klaassen at Everton. Van de Beek simply has to settle for his role in the pecking order at Manchester United and wait quietly for his chance. This may take longer if a team wins the away match in the Champions League (PSG, red.) against the finalist. But at the same time, the result will sometimes be disappointing or you will be lucky because of an injury to a teammate. ‘

Column Wim Kieft: Van de Beek must be patient
— Telesport Football (@televoetbal) October 23, 2020