Novak Djokovic: I dont have much respect for Nick Kyrgios

Novak Djokovic spoke the day before the start of the Australian Open about Nick Kyrgios, the Australian enfant terrible of the ATP Tour.

The number one in the world thinks that 25-year-old Aussie is good for tennis, but really good friends he will never have words with Kyrgios, who previously stated that he did not have much time with Djokovic.

โ€œ I think he‘s good for the sport. He’s very autentic. Everyone has the right to express themselves in any way they want. And he has a big game and the qualities to win everyone. Out of the job, I don‘t have much respect for him. I would like to leave it at that,โ€ said Djokovic, who is hunting for his ninth title in Melbourne from Monday.

Djokovic never succeeded in winning Kyrgios. In the year 2017 so dramatic for the Serb, he lost twice to the highly talented tennis player from Canberra. In both Acapulco and Indian Wells, he did not even manage to win a set from the service cannon with the golden hands. It was during that period that Djokovic suffered a lot from an elbow injury, which he went to surgery a few months later.

Verbal sounding Kyrgios

A few years ago Kyrgios verbally wiped the ground with the winner of seventeen grandslam tournaments. โ€œHe has a sick obsession with being liked. He just wants to be Roger Federer. I can’t stand him wanting to be liked. That after winning competitions he gives kisses to the audience is really toe-curbing,โ€ said Kyrgios at the time.

โ€œ We‘re talking about a guest who withdrew from the Australian Open because it was too hot. No matter how many grandslams he wins, he’s never the biggest to me. I played him twice and won twice. If you can‘t win me, then you’re not the greatest tennis player of all time.โ€ Kyrgios has never reached half the final battle of a grand slam tournament, and is divisive among the tennis fans. Many people cannot air or see him, but with others he is very popular because of his pronounced opinion and great touch.

Djokovic (33) starts Monday with some doubts about the hunt for his ninth Australian Open title. Doubts about his physical condition and his form, but also about his image, which has also been dented in Australia. In addition, the uncertainty with regard to the coronavirus is added.

‘The Happy Slam’ has been known as the familiar nickname of the Australian Open for many years. In the Australian summer, the tennis players set the season in motion. This year the tournament does not honor that nickname. In the run-up, it was mainly about the coronavirus and the associated two-week quarantine period.

The government in Australia is strict, but that policy has ensured a public welcome at Melbourne Park. โ€œI missed the most audience in the stands,โ€ says Djokovic. โ€œAt this stage of my career, after fifteen years of professional tennis, fans are the main source of inspiration and motivation for me; exchanging the energy and passion that I and the fans have for the sport.โ€