Now Co-op Shooter Scavengers can download anyone

This week Scavengers came out in early access Steam and Epic Games Store, but only the owners of keys who handed out for watching broadcasts could play a shareware cooperative shooter Twitch-streamerov. However, soon there were problems. Some players didnt get their deserved keys, and developers ran out of Steam-keys, so they started sending out keys for Epic Games Store (luckily the game supports crossplay and transfer progress between platforms) .

The situation was further aggravated by the fact that Scavengers servers could not withstand the influx of players. On Steam, the peak online reached 13 thousand players.

Developers carried out technical work, decided to refuse to hand out keys and opened early access for all comers. The authors note that in the framework of early access plan to erase progress players to maintain balance after the release of major innovations.

As compensation, developers promise bonuses and rewards for all players after the final โ€œvipโ€. More on Gambling Riot Games will start recording voice chat in Valorant to combat toxicity Remaster Saints Row: The Third will appear on May 22 on Steam Housemarque hears player requests for saves in Returnal.