Now FPS Boost on Xbox Series X has 97 games including Alien: Isolation and Assassins Creed Unity

Microsoft has extensively expanded its list of FPS Boost enabled games on the Xbox Series to 97 positions. Many now work with a performance four times higher – for example, Mad Max in 120 FPS on Series X. Note the most interesting novelties – but not all projects support improvements on Series S.

The full list with all details is available on the Xbox website. Assassins Creed: Unity โ€” 60 FPS Anthem* โ€” 60 FPS Alien: Isolation โ€” 60 FPS Deus Ex: Mankind Divided โ€” 60 FPS Dishonored and Death of the Outsider* โ€” 60 FPS Far Cry 5*, New Dawn* and Primal โ€” 60 FPS Halo Wars 2 โ€” 60 FPS Gears of War 4 โ€” 60 FPS Homefront: The Revolution* โ€” 60 FPS Mad Max โ€” 120 FPS Metro Redux โ€” 120 FPS The Division โ€” 60 FPS The Evil Within 2* โ€” 60 FPS Sleeping Dogs โ€” 60 FPS.

* โ€” On Series X, the performance increase is disabled by default due to the inclusion of a variant for One S with deteriorated graphics and lower resolution. More on Gambling Netflix presented a teaser of the animated series on League of Legends โ€” โ€œArcaneโ€ Dedicated to Bill from Left 4 Dead book in Dead by Daylight will open on May 5 โ€œThe Simpsonsโ€ parody of โ€œStar Warsโ€ with Maggie will be released tomorrow.