Now in Microsoft Flight Simulator you can ride the car

From the very beginning we accept as a given that in Microsoft Flight Simulator, we have to observe the world exclusively from the cockpit of the plane. But everything changes the custom modification [Drivable] Car Mitsubishi Pajero. Thanks to the fashion that converts the car model created for Flight Simulator X, players can sit behind the wheel Mitsubishi Pajero in two coloring options: a police officer and an airport escort car.

The video clearly shows that the โ€œearthโ€ world of Microsoft Flight Simulator is far from perfection: fences do not stop the car, and other cars sometimes jump out of thin air. There are enough graphical bugs and weak textures.

But the possibilities of fashion can now take advantage of, for example, the creators of locations to test their work from a new point of view. Other creators already work on their own versions of controlled machines mods, so in the coming months the game may change beyond recognition.

Meanwhile, Microsoft Flight Simulator released another update. It improves France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg by adding many attractions, including the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and Fort Boyard, and renewing major cities in the region.

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