NPO: viewer wants more information, but also to escape reality for a while

From Heel Holland Bakt Kids to a successor to DWDD: the Dutch Public Broadcasting has announced the programming for the new season. Despite the obstacles created by the corona crisis, many new programmes are coming.

“Corona has completely changed our lives and public broadcasting has adapted very quickly”, says NPO director Frans Klein. “The Netherlands wants to be even more informed, but also to escape reality for a while.” Klein promises to meet those needs.

Fred from Draadstaal thinks it’s his, as it turned out during the presentation by Klein:

One of the figureheads will be The Eve, with Renze Klamer and Fidan Ekiz, which is supposed to make The World Keep Turning. The NPO also expects a lot from Kamp van Koningsbrugge, in which fifteen ordinary Dutch people begin one of the toughest training courses in the Netherlands: that of the command troops. The presentation is in the hands of Jeroen van Koningsbrugge.

New is also the talk show Peacock comes in. Jeroen Pauw moves into the country to talk to people who cannot come to the studio, such as prisoners and patients in a hospital. The in the past successful football comedy All Stars returns. The characters in that series are a day older. All Stars & Sons takes place on the fields where their children now play football.

At the presentation, the NPO confirmed that with the talk show Op1 Jort Kelder will replace Sander Schimmelpenninck.

Actctuality: Lebanon and the US

For the next six months there are also programmes programmed that tie in with current events. Danny Ghosen, for example, is making an update on the situation there after the devastating explosion at the beginning of this month in the port of Beirut, under the title The Battle of Lebanon. This programme will be broadcast for the first time next Monday.

Arnon Grunberg sends video letters from the US in the run-up to the presidential elections in November. The writer wants to become an American and sheds light on the beautiful and ugly sides of the country from his own experience.

Science and diversity

Rijxman thinks this is necessary because there is a lot of fake news going around on the internet, whether it’s about corona or the climate. “We try to bring the news from all sides and to make sure that what we say is true. Even if we don’t know it yet, because then we say we don’t know it yet.”

Heel Holland Bakt Kids

NPO Zapp bets on Saturday and Sunday evening on programs that children and parents will watch together. For example with Heel Holland Bakt Kids, the youth variant of Heel Holland Bakt, with the same presenters.

Sunday morning is about children moving to a faraway country.

Podcast app

The number of podcasts of NPO radio programmes has increased considerably in recent years. This year there will be an NPO app on which all these podcasts will be bundled and can be listened to.