NS keeps on chocking: from Friday more intercities

The winter weather continues to cause discomfort on the track. The NS also drives on Friday with an adapted timetable. Intercity‘s are going to drive more kilometres on Friday than the last few days and take their original route. As a result, there is more room for people who make necessary trips, reports the NS.

The international trains are also running again. There are also Sprinters on all routes.

Since Sunday the NS has been struggling with major problems on the track. Over the past two days there was a timetable with Sprinters and a number of intercity’s, especially the crowds in the often short Sprinters rained complaints.

Maria van Miert has to take the train from Haarlem to The Hague where she works with a patient group that is very sensitive to the consequences of coronainfection at this time. It‘s about COPD patients, who suffer from chronic respiratory diseases. ,, You have an essential profession and have to travel with NS… Then back in contact with your group of COPD patients. This is not very safe if NS uses only one sprinter wagon on the route Haarlem Den Haagโ€, she says to the Noordhollands Dagblad. ,, Soon again before curfew at home where guests are not welcome. NS, keep it safe for the group that needs to be on the road!โ€

Niels Hilarius had to go to Leiden Thursday morning and reports on Twitter that he also ended up in a much too busy train car. The NS responds to its tweet: โ€œDating sites and maintenance companies are difficult to reach due to change failures and therefore part of the trains cannot be used for the timetable. As a result, there are unfortunately shorter trains than desired. That’s not an excuse, but one of the reasons that trains are busier.โ€

‘Always what’

Traveller Organization Rover has had it all with the nuisance. โ€œYou can not claim that the track is immaculate only a few days a year. It doesn‘t just go wrong in winter. It’s often too cold, too hot, too dry or too wet, or else it‘s storms and leavesโ€ faked Rover-boss Freek Bos Wednesday in De Cceit. ,, It gets worse due to climate problems. There’s been weeks of downtime because we‘re not weatherproof. Unacceptable.โ€

According to ProRail, a question of political choices. โ€œWhat do we want as a society? Always ov, regardless of the weather? Then many billions of extra investment will have to be made. And even so, the question is whether we can withstand this kind of excesses. This also applies in other countries. Sometimes you have to take nuisance for granted.โ€


The NS calls on people to travel because of the coronare rules only if it is necessary so that it does not get too busy on the train. Earlier, Rover travelers’ association reported that full buses and trains feel unsafe due to the winter weather, due to the coronavirus.

Furthermore, the NS tells us that continuous work is being done on making snow and ice free and keeping the track. In the meantime, many sites are accessible again. Trains can also be made to and from the maintenance companies for checks, repairs and maintenance. โ€œThis way more and more trainsets become available for our passengersโ€