‘Nuclear spy’ Abdul Qadir Khan (85) died

Pakistani nuclear scientist Abdul Qadir Khan has died, media in Pakistan reports. The founder of Pakistan‘s nuclear programme was 85 years old.

He worked in the past at Urenco ultracentrifuge plant in Almelo. He used the knowledge of uranium enrichment there to develop a nuclear bomb in Pakistan. Many Pakistani see Khan as a hero for that reason.

Pakistan’s defence minister Pervez Khattak called Khans death a โ€œgreat lossโ€. Pakistan will always honor him for the merits he has made for his country, according to the reigning man.

Khan complained last month that neither the Prime Minister nor other government members had informed about his health while being treated in a hospital. He was tested positive for coronavirus at the end of August, according to Pakistani media.

Nuclear espionage

In 1983, the Amsterdam court sentenced Khan in absentia for nuclear espionage, but on appeal was acquittal due to a form error. In Pakistan, the story went around that Khan had resold technology on his own initiative to Iran, Libya and North Korea in the 90s, but in 2013 the nuclear scholar said he had knowledge of nuclear technology commissioned by then Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto to some countries. played through.

Born in India in 1936, Khan emigrated to Pakistan after decolonization of the subcontinent with his family. He studied in Berlin, Delft and Leuven in the 1960s. After that, he did research at the Physical Dynamic Research Laboratory in Amsterdam and Urenco. He later set up a political movement in his homeland.