Nude zooming politician Canada now peeing

Digital meetings are proving to be a difficult business for a Canadian parliamentarian. William Amos took a step back after he appeared peeing in front of the camera at a virtual parliament session. The politician had already been compromised a month earlier because he had been filmed naked at another digital meeting.

The difficult relationship between Amos and his webcam has consequences. The parliamentarian went through the dust on Twitter and said โ€œseek help.โ€

The party member of the Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had not realised that the camera was running. He added to be very ashamed of his own behavior and the possible fright of those who witnessed.

The 46-year-old Amos from Quebec remains a member of the parliament, but says โ€œtemporarilyโ€ goodbye to a number of positions he held in, among others, committees.