Nuke Bizzle picked up after rapping about corona fraud

American rapper Nuke Bizzle has been arrested for ‘colossal fraud’. The 31-year-old Fontrell Antonio Baines bragged in his music videos about being the empire by special unemployment benefits paid as a result of the coronacrisis.

According to the Los Angeles Public Prosecutor‘s Office, Nuke Bizzle is now suspected of having wrongly applied for more than 1.2 million dollars (more than 1 million euros) of special Covid-19 benefits together with accomplices. If he is found guilty of the three charges the State puts against him, he risks 22 years in jail.

Nuke Bizzle raps about the possibilities to collect benefits with identity theft, fake debit cards and incorrect places of residence. He even named a number EDD, after the California benefit agency EDD, Department of Employment and Development. According to him, he makes him rich with corona benefits.

Nuke Bizzle’s enthusiasm about the functioning of the EDD has not limited itself to rap songs. Also on Instagram, he has repeatedly expressed praise about the possibilities of taking money from the EDD in this coronacrisis, reported American media.