Number of car thefts falls, vans are more stolen

The number of car thefts continues to decline, by nearly ten percent over the past year to 6,434 passenger cars. However, 1570 pieces were stolen many more vans (+19%), which were often loaded with stuff.

This is evident from figures De Cceit received from the National Information Centre for Vehicle Crime (LIV).

โ€œ In general, we are satisfied with the decrease, but what concerns us is that the recovery rate of stolen vehicles does not run parallel. With passenger cars, this stabilises at around 40%, while for light commercial vehicles it even fell by 5% to 38%. That needs to be better and we will be fully committed to that in the coming periodโ€, says manager Hendrik Steller of the LIV.

Most loved by thieves guild

Passenger cars of three years old were the most loved by the thieves guild last year. With 761 pieces, the number rose by no less than 51% compared to 2019, in particular the Toyota CH-R (154 pieces), Toyota RAV4 (75 pieces), Fiat 500 (54 pieces) and Mazda CX-5 (45 pieces). But Volkswagens are still the most stolen with 1192 pieces, with the Golf and Polo lead the hated ranking.

Liv also reports that the theft of electric-hybrid cars increases by 69% to 599 units and the number of stolen mopeds and scooters, with 12,233 copies, is almost double the stolen cars. Steller: โ€œWhat also stands out are the vans that are stolen with cargo and already. Courier services are regularly the target of the robbers.โ€

Steller doesnt think Corona has much influence on the theft numbers.