Number of civil aviation passengers decreased by 60 percent in 2020

As a result of the coronapandemic, airline passengers fell by 60% in 2020, ICAO, United Nations Civil Aviation Organisation (UN) announced Friday.

Due to the travel restrictions in force in many countries since the onset of the coronacrisis, the airlines transported some 1.8 billion passengers last year, bringing the civil aviation industry down to 2003 levels. according to the ICAO. Moreover, the decline in demand will โ€œcontinue and perhaps even accelerate in the current quarter,โ€ warns the organisation.

As a percentage, the number of domestic flights decreased by half in 2020, with international connections decreasing by almost three-quarters (74 percent). All in all, that means a loss of 370 billion dollars to the airlines. Airports and air navigation service providers also suffered losses. According to ICAO, it is 115 billion dollars and 13 billion dollars respectively.

According to the UN Civil Aviation Organisation, the current situation threatens the financial viability of industry and also fears the loss of millions of jobs around the world. The recovery of industry depends on the success of vaccination campaigns, which have now begun in several wealthy countries.