Number of corona deaths in Saint Martin doubled in ten weeks

On Saint Martin, another corona patient died on Tuesday, bringing the total death toll due to corona to seventy. Half of them died since August 7. That means that as many people have died in the last ten weeks as they did in the approximately one and a half years before. There are six more corona patients in the hospital.

The island has seen a very rapid rise in the number of corona infections over the past period. On August 1, 81 people were infected, rising to 349 on August 17, reaching the highest number of infections since the onset of the corona crisis.

As far as the number of infections is concerned, the situation seems more under control. Less than a hundred people were infected on the island for the first time in two months on Tuesday. However, the number of vaccinees remains a cause for concern. The number of people in the entire population who have had at least one vaccination is just above 40 percent.

The government recommends that people be well informed about the disease and consider vaccination. The number of people who choose vaccination has not been high lately. In the past week, only just over a hundred people took a shot for the first time.