Number of holdings with wage subsidies due to corona halved

Far fewer companies make use of the government’s second NOW scheme than of the first aid round. Until the end of last week, the UWV paid out money to more than 63,000 companies suffering from the corona crisis to pay wages. That is less than half of the number of companies that participated in the first scheme. Those 63,000 companies together received more than 2.1 billion euros

In total, more than 1.3 million employees receive part of their wages through this second NOW scheme. In the first scheme this was twice as much

Companies with at least twenty percent loss of turnover can get a maximum of ninety percent of their wage costs paid by the government via the second NOW scheme. Companies expect to suffer an average loss of turnover of 46.5 percent.

Much less than the first scheme

More than 148,000 companies participated in the first NOW scheme, which ran from 6 April to 6 June. The expected loss of turnover was then much higher: 65 percent.

The second scheme runs until the end of September. Companies could apply until 31 August. The first advance has now been paid, the second advance will follow later. There will also be a third NOW. This will take longer, 9 months from 1 October.

Greater Amsterdam and commercial services

Greater Amsterdam is the region with the most companies that received support: 9,203. This is followed by Rijnmond (4,761), Midden-Utrecht (3,423) and Haaglanden (2,958).

The sector that received the most aid was commercial services, with 13,791. This was followed by the hotel and catering industry with 12,568. The retail trade was number three with 7,193. During the first NOW scheme, the retail trade was still the largest sector with more than 25,000 helped companies.

Many small businesses

By far the most grants, over 39,000, will go to companies with less than 10 employees. This is followed by companies with 10 to 25 employees: more than 14,000 grants. There were more than 500 awards for companies with 250 or more employees.