Number of infections per week rising again

It looks like the number of corona infections is rising again. In the past seven days almost 5000 people have tested positive, more than 1300 more than the previous week.

The increase is partly due to the strong increase in the number of tests: last week the GGD took 180,000 tests, again 17,000 more than before. But that doesn’t explain everything, because 5,000 positive cases on 180,000 tests means more than 2.9 percent positive cases, which is more than the 2.6 percent of the week before. So it seems that proportionally more people have also become infected.

In the past 24 hours, 797 new positive tests have been reported to RIVM. That’s less than yesterday, when there were 925: the highest number since April. But the number is still significantly higher than the week before, when an average of 514 infections per day were registered.


Most positive tests are still reported in large cities. Today there are 135 cases in Amsterdam, 77 in Rotterdam and 44 in The Hague. For the latter city this is much less than the peak of 115 infections yesterday.

Converted to the number of inhabitants the last three days were the most infections in Ouder-Amstel (5 per 10,000 inhabitants), Amsterdam (4.3) and Weesp (4.1).


Incidentally, the number of admissions to the hospital and the ICU remains stably low. There are currently hardly any more coronavirus patients in the hospital than in previous weeks. The number of people dying of Covid19 now seems to be slightly lower itself. However, it should be noted that hospital admissions and deaths are always several weeks behind the measured infections.

The RIVM will come tomorrow with an analysis of the figures in its weekly report.