Number of right-wing extremist crimes rising to record levels in Germany

The number of crimes committed by right-wing extremists in Germany increased by almost 6% in 2020 to 23,080 cases. This is evidenced by figures from the German police, which Minister Seehofer of the Interior presented today. This is the highest number of extreme right-wing crimes since 2001, when the police started keeping statistics.

Germany has been warning for several years against increasing violence by the extreme right. In recent years, right-wing extremists have committed a number of attacks. In 2019 CDU politician Walter Lรผbcke was murdered by a neo-Nazi because of his migratory position. A few months later, a man tried to penetrate a synagogue in Halle. When he failed, he shot two random people in the street and in a dรถner case. And in February 2020, a man shot nine people in hookah bars in Hanau.

According to Seehofer, last years figures show once again that right-wing extremism is the greatest threat to our country. Half of all politically motivated crimes are attributable to this movement, according to Seehofer.

In April, a lawsuit against twelve members of Gruppe S. The right-wing extremists are suspected of having planned attacks on the German parliament, mosques and asylum seekers.


German intelligence services fear that the extreme right thrives in the coronacrisis. They see that existing groups join action groups that fight against corona measures in order to inflict violence against government agencies. A similar development is seen by the AIVD in the Netherlands.

The intelligence services also refer to the Querdenken group, which is involved in many protests against the corona measures. Politicians of the right-wing populist AFD have also expressed their sympathy for that movement. In March, the German domestic security service BfV identified the party as a potential threat to democracy.

Germany also saw a sharp increase in the number of anti-Semitic incidents and crimes against migration last year. There were 15 percent more anti-Semitic incidents recorded and 70 percent more anti-migration incidents. Seehofer: โ€œThis development is not only worrying, but also very shameful in the light of our history.โ€