Number of simultaneous Valheim players exceeded half a million

Survival simulator Valheim reached a new significant height – as noted on the website SteamDB, a few hours ago there were more than 500 thousand people in the game at the same time. increases almost daily – recall, a week ago it was 367 thousand. The peak online Valheim for the last weekRecall, the game went into early access Steam almost three weeks ago, 2 Feb.

During this time, Valheims sales exceeded 3 million copies, and the survivor itself invariably tops the Valve. More at Gambling Team Rainbow Six Siege told about Crimson Heist, Flores and future shooter Villain Far Cry 6 in a fresh comic book will tell about the villains Far Cry 3, 4 and 5 Composer of DOOM Mick Gordon is obliged to use in Atomic Heart Soviet synthesizer.