Number of subscribers of “KinoSearch HD” exceeded 3 million viewers

The portal KinoSearch HD announced that in January the number of subscribers of the service exceeded the record figures of 3 million people. In total, in the first month of the year, viewers managed to watch more than 70 million hours of different content. Most of January, the leader of viewing remained the full-length Major, but at the end of the month, the series Topi by Dmitry Glukhovsky attempted to his place.

The latest project showed a record start among the shows of KinoSearch itself in the first week on the platform. Top 20 projects for January 2021 (films and TV series) Major.

Film Nastya, gather! One more Franchise Harry Potter (eight films) Method (two seasons) Project Anna Nikolaevna Topi Shameless Gentlemen Franchise Home Alone (two films) Inadequate People 2 Newest Year! Unscrupulous Discovery of the Witches The Last Minister Guardian Rick and Morty Hover in Palm Springs Supernatural Good Doctor. The rating is made by the number of subscribers who have watched more than two minutes of a particular project.

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