Nurse earns more than cop, and as much as elementary school teacher

Care staff has been shouting for months: applause is nice, but not enough. A real appreciation would be a higher salary. But for the time being there will be no extra salary increase. A parliamentary majority voted against it today. There would be no money for it because of the corona crisis

The battle for care wages does not seem to be over yet. How much does a nurse actually earn?

The gross salary – without holiday allowance and supplements – of a nurse in the hospital is between 2600 euros and 4100 euros per month. The average starting salary of their colleagues in nursing homes is about the same, but carers at MBO level, who work there a lot, earn a lot less.

Police officers and municipal officials – both also employed by the government – also earn less. Primary school teachers earn about as much as nurses.

The following care salaries are listed in a letter to the House of Representatives from Ministers De Jonge and Van Ark and State Secretary Blokhuis dated 18 August, the salaries for the police, the municipality and primary education come from the collective labour agreements in those sectors.

This is the situation now. Over the past ten years, nurses have been catching up. They got an average of 21 percent. In primary education wages rose by 20 percent during that period. And in the business sector, employees improved by an average of 17 percent.

The cabinet emphasizes that, in order to make these salary increases for nurses possible, it has spent an extra 5 billion euros since 2018 alone. This year and next year, according to the Cabinet, there will be serious increases of “often above 3%” In addition, healthcare personnel will receive a net bonus of 1,000 euros because of the efforts made during the heavy coronation period.