Nurse steals debit card from deceased patient to buy chips, candy and cola

A 23-year-old nurse stole a deceased patient‘s debit card to treat herself to snacks from the candy machine. She was charged with theft and fraud, but did not receive imprisonment.

Healthcare Assistant Ayesha Basharat snatched away the debit card of an 83-year-old woman who died in a hospital in Birmingham a few minutes before. The woman died at 13.56 and a few minutes later Basharat was already standing in front of the candy machine to buy snacks.

The woman had the taste, because later in the evening she bought candy again.

And four days later, when she came back to work, she was once again at the vending machine with the stolen debit card. But by that time the debit card was already blocked and the woman was arrested.

By accident

The woman claimed she found the debit card on the ground. When paying, she had used the card โ€œaccidentallyโ€ instead of her own debit card. But the judge did not fall into that, because research revealed that Basharat’s bank cards each had a different colour, making it unlikely that this confusion had arisen.

Basharat known guilt, but avoids imprisonment.