Nurse: too sick patients were laid “in hell”

A nurse in Texas, American, made a video about the horrible conditions in her hospital.

A heavily emotional Lawanna Rivers tells us that there are so many Covid patients, that the people who are worst off are transferred to ‘the pit’ or hell, where they are virtually left to their fate and die.

No equipment

The University Medical Center in El Paso, according to her, has virtually no treatment equipment in that room.

Those who are banished to the pit receive minimal care. The leadership has given an instruction that a maximum of three rounds of resuscitation should be performed per patient.

I‘ve seen a lot of people die who would normally still be alive, says Lawanna in a fifty minute video she posted on Facebook. The Telegraph made a summary:

In Texas, more than a million infections have been detected. El Paso is one of the most affected cities. On Sunday 32,000 people were very sick, the death toll was 762.

In American media reports appeared that refrigerated trucks had to be used to keep the deceased.

Nurse Lawanna Rivers accuses the hospital of not doing enough to treat patients.

Preferred treatment

She also tells in the video that some patients were given preferential treatment. In contrast to the rest of the room, the infected woman received good care from a doctor of the hospital, and she was the only one who survived the intensive care unit. She was called the VIP patient.


The hospital, in response to local TV station KVIA, emphasizes that the staff are having an extremely hard time with the Corona outbreak. The hospital wouldn’t go into individual accusations.