Nurses after applause: ‘Mental recovery after corona lasted months

“Now I think I’ve processed it, but that took a really long time”, says nurse Inge (26) of the Brabant Jeroen Bosch hospital. During the corona crisis she worked on a corona ward.

There the staff could only visit the rooms fully packed. Patients sometimes deteriorated rapidly. Inge: “You could turn around and people would go under.”

With two other nurses she looks back on 3 series in the CCeit after the applause on the coronacrisis and the impact it had on their work. See here part 1:

The clinical picture and large number of deaths made a deep impression on Inge. “During the coronation period, the work went on,” she says. As a result, there was less time left to process everything mentally. In the end it took her several months. Some colleagues are still not ready to present at the level needed for a second wave.

This picture also emerges in a survey of Nursing magazine. They asked 3000 nurses whether they were ready for a second wave. More than half indicated that this is not the case. They are tired, irritable and tense because of last spring’s coronap peak.

Awkward display

Professional association V&VN talks about ‘an embarrassing spectacle’ and calls the supporters ‘the dupe’. That’s how Linda sees it: “It’s fun, a one-off bonus of 1000 euros, but I’d rather see salaries go up structurally. In the long run that’s more beneficial.”

By this she refers to the shortage of care personnel. Linda: “I don’t think politicians understand that they themselves will become dependent on care. Who’s going to take care of them if the shortages continue to increase?

Nurse in prison

Experiences of nurses in nursing homes and prisons show that the effect of the corona crisis extends to the entire care. Residents and detainees were not allowed to receive visitors for a long time, which made the nurses’ work there mentally heavier.

For example, judicial nurse Rik (40). In prison hospital of PI Haaglanden he mainly had to deal with gunshot and stab wounds, but this year corona was added. There was a special corona ward in the penitentiary.

Rik tells how patients were alone on their cell and were not allowed to receive visitors. “People became despondent, desperate. Personally, I thought it was hard mentally to nurse those patients.”