Nursing home or death: Just Die Already is released on May 20

DoubleMoose‘s company and Curve Digital publishing house have finally named the release date for the online action film Just Die Already. The game will be released on May 20, and not only on RS as planned at first, but also on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch consoles. At the same time, the owners of any of the platforms will be able to play together.

The main characters Just Die Already are old men who have not earned themselves either a pension or a place in a nursing home. And their only chance to live in comfort is a golden ticket to a free wealthy.

It’s just not easy to get it. Players have to get involved in a series of various challenges: only a small part of them are harmless and cheerful.

Other fights are equally unserious, but they are associated with deadly tricks and uncompromising brawls to the last whole limb. Pre-sale Just Die Already on Steam is already started, until May 25 the game can be bought at a discount, for 288 rubles.

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