Nursing homes Brabant get help from the Efteling, number of contamination increases there

For nursing homes in Brabant that are suffering from high sickness absenteeism, help comes from unexpected angles: the Efteling lends 170 staff members, who can help until the summer. Today, the first ones get to work.

For what was often called a silent disaster in the first coronawave seems to happen again. The attention is also now focused on hospital figures and IC-capacity, and less attention is paid to what is happening in nursing homes. And its not going well there. The number of nursing homes with infection is increasing.

Were there five weeks ago 287 sites with a contamination, the counter now stands at 680. Infections in nursing homes are mainly in the regions Zuid-Holland-Zuid, Rotterdam-Rijnmond and Brabant-Zuidoost, There are infections detected in between 40 and 58 percent of homes.

Demente elderly

In some nursing homes, the special cohort departments for residents with coronak complaints become full. In nursing home Buurtstede in Brabant in the closed covid department lie demented elderly people with corona. Dementia is an additional problem, because residents do not recognize nursing.

For nurses Amke Kuijsters and Irma den Ronde, the care of their demented residents with corona is heavy. In their interests, they sometimes do not take it so closely with the regulations. โ€œOur people must feel safe.โ€

Unlike young people, infections in nursing homes often do not end well: of all corona deaths, half take place in the nursing home. This applies to the officially reported corona deaths, 453 last week, but also to the so-called overmortality rate: the total number of people who die more than average. Last week, that overmortality was 700 people.

There seems to be a bright spot. Last week the number of deaths did not increase, even in the nursing homes.

View here the entire report from nursing home Buurtstede.