Nursing homes Oost-Groningen locked: ‘We do this to buy time’

Eleven nursing homes and residential care centres in the east of Groningen have been hermetically locked since yesterday 18.00 hrs. Family is not allowed to visit and the residents are not allowed to leave their department. The full lockdown is valid for more than a week, until 25 January.

The measure of care organization Oosterlengte is striking. During the first corona wave, all nursing homes in the Netherlands were closed for a while. That led to fierce criticism. Minister De Jonge promised that there would be no new nationwide visitation ban in the event of a new corona wave.

No major outbreak

Yet East longitude puts the horse remedy back into use. A precaution, says Chairman of the Board Ismay Kremers to RTV North. โ€œWere doing this to buy time. We dont like doing this, its a far-reaching measure.โ€

At the moment, spread across the locations of East longitude, there are about fifty clients and thirty employees who are infected. Not a big outbreak, says Kremers. โ€œBut in the region we see many infections around us. If there is the British variant in our nursing homes, we cannot handle it.โ€

The Chairman of the Board also fears the consequences for the approximately 2000 employees of her organisation: โ€œI have great respect for my employees, because it is an inhuman situation that we are in. This cant be sustain. Im afraid a lot of them will collapse afterwards. But that applies not only to us, but also to the whole care of the elderly.โ€


Also residential care centret Suyderhuys in Surhuisterveen, Friese is temporarily locked. There is, however, an outbreak, in which the British variant is also involved. From next Tuesday, one visitor per inhabitant per week will be welcome int Suyderhuis.