NVIDIA expects no graphics card price cuts in 2022

The head of NVIDIA Jensen Huang said that the shortage of chips of the firm is likely to be relevant for 2022. In his opinion, during this period, demand will significantly exceed supply, especially for graphics cards. Nvidia has been experiencing similar problems since last October, when the new series of the firms products went on sale.

And it is simply useless to expect a decline in prices in the near future. Previously, similar forecasts were reported by other firms, in particular, Toshiba.

And the head of Intel said that the product shortage could last until 2023. Similar problems also apply to consoles โ€” Phil Spencer noted that Xbox is working hard on shipments, but it will not be so easy to achieve success in the near future.

And Sony has reduced its production targets for the fiscal year by one million PS5. The situation also affected Nintendo, which has also moderated its ambitions for production.

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