NVIDIA made free DLSS technology

NVIDIA has opened free access to the plugin, which allows you to easily integrate DLSS technology into the Unreal Engine 4 engine. Now all game developers can take advantage of its capabilities without any additional conditions. DLSS technology helps to automatically increase the resolution of a variety of images and models.

With the release of version 2. 0, this uses artificial intelligence, which allows you to achieve high image quality, and much easier than the early.

The main limitation of DLSS technology remains that it requires a GeForce RTX 2000 series graphics card. But on a similar solution, FidelityFX Super Resolution, is already working AMD, it will use DirectML libraries.

According to rumors, the first version will be released this spring. More on CCeit K Hellish Quart released a new cinematic trailer To bagel Son of a Witch prepare expansion Demon Hunter Victory At Sea Ironclad goes into early access 25 February.