NVIDIA protection from miners on RTX 3060 already bypassed

A month ago, NVIDIA loudly announced that on all RTX 3060 models a special driver will be used to limit the efficiency of mining โ€” but the protection has already been bypassed, as reported PC Watch portal. The efficiency of the video card in the extraction of Ethereum reaches a speed of 50 megahash per second. It is much more interesting that the protection was bypassed without modifying drivers or BIOS, so any enthusiast, if desired, can do mining on RTX 3060.

This, in turn, means an even greater shortage of video cards on the market. More on CCeit โ€œThe world has become more complicatedโ€: the final trailer of โ€œFalcon and the Winter Soldierโ€ Wednesday will tell you exactly about the creation of Dying Light 2 – do not wait for the release date or trailer Announced full list of Oscar 2021 nominees.