NVIDIA to release mining processor and reduce efficiency in RTX 3060

NVIDIA announced CMP – Cryptocurrency Mining Processor (Cryptocurrency Mining Processor), which is created specifically for the extraction of digital money. So the company hopes to reduce hype on consumer video cards. Together with this, the GeForce RTX 3060 will be released with a special driver that will double limit the performance when trying to mine on it.

As a result, CMP is completely useless for gamers and ordinary consumers, because it does not have a video chip and it is suitable specifically for mining, while on new video cards will try artificially limit the efficiency of mining. More on CCeit The Sinking City at midnight will be released on PS5 — details of the nextgen version New weapons, locations and ways of moving: details Splatoon 3 Summer Fall Guys will be released on Xbox Series, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.