Observer System Redux is out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in July

Studio Blober named the release date for an improved version of the Observer System Redux on last generation consoles. On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the game will be released on July 16. As previously announced, both digital and box versions will go on sale.

The System Redux version complements the original Observer with a set of improved textures, new animations, models and special effects. In addition, prepared gameplay improvements, added game mechanics and secrets, redesigned stealth.

A number of quality of life improvements are proposed by the Observver. In addition to this, System Redux will have three new missions with additional storylines.

They are Errant Signal, Her Fearful Symmetry and It Runs in the Family, which explore various aspects of the cyberpunk future. More on CCeit NetEase will help release Frostpunk on Mobiles Interplay officially prepares reissue Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance Mass Effect Legendary Edition weighs from 68 to 87.

3GB on PlayStation and Xbox.