Obsidian wanted to be absorbed before the Microsoft deal, but the studio refused

A major publisher wanted to acquire Obsidian before the Microsoft deal, but was rejected, as the studio‘s head Fergus Urquhart told GamesIndustry. biz in a recent interview. According to Urquhart, the management of the unnamed company was having trouble hiring employees, so approached him with this proposal.

What’s more, it wasn‘t just about a takeover, but also about moving the Obsidian team onto a project already in development. It was this condition that led Urquhart to reject the publisher’s offer.

โ€œOur cultures must conform. And it should also be people who can just go out and have a beer with โ€” if not, you should reconsider your decision to make a deal.

โ€ Recall that Microsoft bought Obsidian back in 2018. Following the deal, the studio released the role-playing game The Outer Worlds and survival simulator Grounded.

Now Obsidian is working on a new RPG called Avowed and a sequel to The Outer Worlds. More on CCeit Poland completed the largest mural on The Witcher The Rainbow Six Siege returns The Curse of the Doctor event Jade Raymond reveals why decided to make a game for Sony.