Oeuvre Prize for Waardenberg and De Jong

Rotterdam theatre duo Waardenberg and De Jong are awarded the VSCD Oeuvre Prize because of their great contribution to the Dutch theatre landscape. “Im going to the Gamma tomorrow to put a prize box and Ill put it in there. When Wilfried needs him, hell come and get him,” Martin van Waardenberg joked about awarding the award.

The board of the Association of Theatre and Concertgebouw Directors (VSCD) on the duo: “Since the 1980s, they have not only shaken up the cabaret, but changed it permanently. The duo floats each other to great heights and extreme extremes with physical acts that pushed the dust out of many a room. They dont care much of the audience, which is sometimes part of the craziness, but just as often only breathless spectators of their inimitable absurdities. Whether they paint a beam at high altitude or work each other with skippy balls, Waardenberg and De Jong always hold your breath. Shame or embarrassment do not play any role in their universe, which links Rotterdam street humor with fantastic and not rarely poetic stage images. That marriage between what is called high and low culture gives the work of these friends a special character.”


Over the past few years, after more than twenty years of absence from the stage, the duo has made two more programmes, especially for the 100th anniversary of the Luxor Theater, together with the actresses of Toren C in 2017, and a show with the Toren C actresses followed in 2020. highlights of their oeuvre. In particular, the latter was and is (because only to be seen in Rotterdams New Luxor Theater until 28 October) a resounding success. “Our programs are timeless, thats pretty crazy. Were totally surprised and think its a top price. We are truly honored with this award,” Wilfried said.

On Monday 25 October, the award will be celebrated and officially awarded to the duo in an online connection during the cabaret festival PEPER in Diligentia in The Hague, where the annual cabaret prizes (Poelifinario and Dutch Hoop) are presented on the same evening. The VSCD Oeuvre Prize was awarded in the past to Guus Hermus (1988), Alexandra Radius & Han Ebbelaar (1989), Peter Oosthoek (1993), Ton Lutz (1995), Dora van der Groen (1997), Jirí Kylián (2002), Rudi van Dantzig (2003), Hans Croiset (2004), Gustav Leonhardt (2006), Frans Brüggen (2007), Freek de Jonge (2008), Erik Vos (2010), Joop van den Ende (2011), Youp vant Hek (2016), Hans van Manen (2017), Liesbeth Colthof (2018) and Ivo van Hove (2019)