‘Of course, I want to play at Manchester City, I also want to get the Orange’

Elayis Tavsan is determined to make it to the Dutch national team. The NEC attacker is self-critical and knows that the route he still has to take is long.
Tavsan had the opportunity to leave last summer, but decided to further develop at NEC. โ€œYou never know if youre going to play at Besiktas, I play every game here so far,โ€ he says in conversation with Voetbal International. โ€œIn view of the European Championships with the Dutch Junior, that is also important to me. You want to experience that. If Im doing well here, is the chance that I can participate real.โ€
โ€œI want the highest achievable, but Im still a long way from here. Im on my way. Of course, I want to play at a top club like Manchester City or another big club. And yes, I want to make it to the Dutch team,โ€ continues the outside player. Rogier Meijer puts the brakes on the brakes and that is justified, according to Tavsan. โ€œOnly I think our trainer is completely right when he tells me that I should be among the better every week, that it shouldnt matter who were playing against. Im not at that point yet.โ€