Officer bitten in arm at the end of the party in Vlaardingen

A cop was bitten in his arm on the night from Saturday to Sunday, at the end of a party in Vlaardingen.

Together with his colleague, local agent Mitch went to a report of noise nuisance: โ€œOn the spot we hear loud music and it turned out that several underage people were celebrating a party. Parents werent home.โ€

One of the underage partygoers was so drunk that the cops were forced to lift the child upwards in the hope that shower would fix up. But: the condition of the minor worsened, so they decided to call an ambulance. โ€œWhile lifting down, my buddy was bitten by the child,โ€ writes Agent Mitch. โ€œThats how you see, but giving help can hurt.โ€

The officers dont blame the minor: โ€œGiven the state of the child, we assume that this was not a conscious action. It was too far gone.โ€ The child is taken to the hospital for further examination, writes Rijnmond.

Festivals at other locations

Not only in Vlaardingen they decided to party again. It was also a hit in Nieuw-Vennep. According to the police, more than 80 people were present, all between 40 and 50 years old.

Also in Koningsbosch (municipality of Echt) they decided to put the flowers outside on the night from Saturday to Sunday. There, 25 people were partying in a warehouse. The police in Limburg ended that party around midnight. All attendees have received a ticket.

On Saturday evening 65 people were fined who were at an illegal party in a parking lot in the Beemsterstraat in Amsterdam-Noord, reports AT5.

Earlier this weekend

Also earlier this weekend the police had to break up several parties. There were dozens of people together in Hoofddorp, Amstelveen and Maastricht. In Eindhoven, a cop was injured on Friday night who wanted to end a party in a company building on the Kruburg with colleagues. He was injured to his head and knee and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. The officer reports serious assault. Four men were arrested, including a 45-year-old man from Eindhoven and his sixteen son who insulted the police.

An illegal party in the Amsterdamse Bos could be prevented by the police on the night from Friday to Saturday. Because of the corona measures, no one should be there after 00.00. Around 00:30 the police received a tip about the illegal party at the Blekerskade in Amstelveen. At the underpass of the A9 a group of about a hundred party goers appeared to be standing. Some of them ran right away at the sight of the police.

Organizers of illegal parties risk a fine of 4000 euros. For visitors who violate the Coronare rules, fines have recently been reduced from 395 euros to 95 euros.