Officer in Minnesota shooting at black suspect prosecuted for manslaughter

The officer who shot a black suspect in the U.S. state of Minnesota on Sunday is prosecuted for manslaughter. This is sentenced to a maximum of 10 years in Minnesota plus a fine of 17,000 euros. The woman was arrested this morning and transferred to a home of custody.

Agent Kim Potter (48) was present at a traffic control in a suburb of Minneapolis on Sunday. There she and a colleague stopped a car because the plates had expired. Behind the wheel was 20-year-old Daunte Wright.

The police were looking for him because he didn‘t show up at a trial. He had to appear in court because he ran from cops last year. He had a firearm with him that he didn’t have a license.

On Sunday, Wright didn‘t have a gun on him. The image of Potter’s bodycam shows that he rips himself off when a colleague of Potter wants to handcuff him. When Wright gets behind the wheel of his car, Potter wants to take him out with her gun, but she pulls her gun and shoots Wright. He died a short time later.

Images of Potter‘s bodycam:

Potter resigned yesterday โ€œin the interests of the community, my department and my colleaguesโ€. She was already on inactive and may have heard that she was going to be fired. The mayor of Brooklyn Center hasn’t accepted her resignation yet. Her commander has also resigned.

The death of Wright led to unrest and destruction in and around Minneapolis, the city where George Floyd died of police brutality last May.