Officer who shot black man resigns under pressure

The cop who shot a black man in a suburb of Minneapolis has resigned, just like the local chief of police. The Brooklyn Center City Council had decided shortly before that both had to quit.

According to the police, the cop had confused her gun (taser) with her gun, and alleged to have mistakenly shot 20-year-old Daunte Wright during a struggle. The death of Wright Sunday led to disturbances the following nights. Protesters attacked a police station in Brooklyn Center. There were also looting.

The police kept Wright standing because the car he was in had an invalid license plate. Turns out he was wanted for illegal gun possession. In an earlier attempt to detain him, he had fled. This time, too, he tried to escape. Police said Agent Kim Potter wanted to stop him with a taser and take him out, but she accidentally fired her gun.

Last year, in Minneapolis, black George Floyd was killed in a bruised arrest. His death led to massive protests, destruction and looting throughout the United States. The city is now under trial against the white agent held responsible for the death of Floyd, Derek Chauvin.