Officer who shot Daunte Wright and her chief resigned

The American police officer who shot 20-year-old Daunte Wright in a suburb of Minneapolis has resigned. Chief of Chief Tim Gannon of the Brooklyn Center Municipality, where the incident occurred, did so.

The 48-year-old agent writes in a statement that it is โ€œin the interests of the community, my department and my colleagues if I resign immediatelyโ€. She was already on inactive.

Mayor Mike Elliott appreciates the officer‘s decision, but says he didn’t ask for it. Elliott says he‘s not sure if she resigned because she heard she was going to be fired soon.

Hope of rest in community

He hopes that her resignation โ€œwill bring peace to the communityโ€, but also said: โ€œWe must ensure that justice prevails. Daunte Wright deserves that, his family deserves it.โ€

Wright was shot Sunday after he was pulled over with his car for a traffic violation. Turns out there was another warrant for his arrest. When the police tried to arrest him, he drove off and got shot. The cop thought she was using her current gun, not her gun. According to the police chief, her mistake led to the tragic death of the black man.

Police have made public footage of the cop’s bodycam

Police Chief Gannon called it a mistake. โ€œWhen I see the footage and hear the cop, I believe she was trying to use her taser on Wright. Instead, she fired a bullet,โ€ said Gannon.

The death of Wright led to unrest and destruction in and around Minneapolis, the city where George Floyd died of police brutality last May. The mayor says that the new police leadership is willing to do everything in its power to cooperate with community leaders and with the protesters. โ€œWe hope we can turn this page around,โ€ he said.