Official Call of Duty: Vanguard teaser published โ€” August 19 presentation

Activision published the official Call of Duty: Vanguard teaser with โ€œfaces of war,โ€ confirming rumors that the shooter will take place on different fronts of World War II. The game will be presented (as reported in the PS Store) on August 19 at 20:30 MSK โ€” Warzone. Participate in the Battle of Verdan and see Call of Duty‘s worldwide presentation: Vanguard.

Recall that a poster and editions of Call of Duty: Vanguard earlier appeared on the network, after which developers started teasing the shooter both on social networks and the same Warzone. Official PosterMore on Gaming First Intel graphics cards to appear in early 2022 Cyberpunk 2077 Authors told about patch 1.

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