Official steering wheel for Gran Turismo 7 for $700 presented

Fanatec presented the official steering wheel for the upcoming Gran Turismo 7 car simulator, which is also the first direct drive device of this kind. Together with the latest recoil system, this guarantees owners a completely new racing experience. The front panel of the steering wheel has controls that duplicate the DualSense controller buttons, an LED display and game logo.

It is noted that the design was created in collaboration with Polyphony Digital. Despite the fact that the release of the accessory is timed to the release of Gran Turismo 7, it is also compatible with PS4, PC and is supported in others Games.

You can pre-order the device for $700 โ€” deliveries are expected in March. Those who want to try the steering wheel earlier can pay an additional $150 on top, and then the new product will be delivered before Christmas.

Two improved versions of the steering wheel are also available – with an external unit power, increasing the maximum torque, and an option with the same and additional pedal to the load. The prices will be 850 and 970 dollars, respectively.

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